My company only operate less than 1 year, how to get financing to expand my business?
Solution : For Enterprise,
1) Apply under entrepreneur fund.
2) If you have a registered SSM that has been registered long time ago. Can be consider to use this SSM company to apply SME LOAN.
3) Wait for 3 years, then only apply any SME LOAN.

For Sdn Bhd,
1) either one director must have enterprise that more than 3 years.
  How many financing can my company get?
For Enterprise : 100k -10 million
For Sdn Bhd : min 100k – N
  Is there any age requirements?
Optimal age level : 30 – 45 years old
Normal age level : min 25 – 55 years old
  My company not exceed 1 million yearly sales to fulfill the bank loan requirement?
Our consultancy will assist you to find a right way to obtain your SME LOAN.
  What is the bank magic consultancy always link with and help to apply?
It depend on the case, we do have few banks connection.
  How long the process of SME Loan Approval?
FAST: 1 month
SLOW: 6 months
  What is the interest rate? for BANK SME LOAN.
All the bank interest rate almost the same which control by bank negara. around 4% to 7.5%
  Any charge if i cancel the loan?
No. If you not yet sign and it also depend on the offer letter.
  How Much maximum Business Loan can i get?
Normally 3 to 4 banks approval at the same time. Max 5million for clean term loan, within 1 month.
  Why i need to Believe you? and how you make sure the confidential?
YES. In the market alot of cheaters. But we are not.
1) No upfront payment
2) Confidential
3) Analysis and solution given
4) 24 hours respond
5) 10 years + established
6) Yes. You only need to believe us, only when you get the loan.
  I want to consider?
YES sure. May i know why?
is it because it may affect your business?
  Budget / Expensive?
Is budget your main concern? or your business?
Our Services is professional, and legal way to raise your fund.
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